Monday, August 25, 2008

Things You Should Look For In A Make-Up Artist...

Because the majority of readers who come through here are either brides-to-be or women about to have boudoir done, I'm going to walk you through what to expect from your artist on the day (and even before) you go and spend money on him/her.

Being in the business for a few years now, I've heard alot of horror stories, and seen alot of panicked girls frantically searching for a replacement (or simply cry over the fact they're locked into a horrible contract they can't get out of and are miserable).

First things first. The style. You want to have an artist that is going to give your look the style you are looking for. Do you want glam? Intense? Natural? Find out what you're expecting first, and if her portfolio (or trial) can deliver, then you're on your way...

Next, search for pricing. Is it reasonably within your budget for the amount of faces being done? Make sure she's within industry standards, and that her prices remain throughout the entire length of the contract. Don't think I wasn't called yesterday by a bride getting married THIS Saturday and was out of a make-up artist because hers went from 65$ to $100 and something PER girl a week before her wedding. Be smart, ladies, SIGN CONTRACTS!

After your style and price is figured out, next you have to meet with her. Go over your wants and needs (she should ask you...but if she doesn't tell her EXACTLY what you want). This can be something like "NO black-eyeliner" "No red cheeks" or "Only make my eyes pop, and please mute my lips"...Hey, it's your face. If you don't really know what looks best, maybe here's the time to let your artist shine to see if she really knows how to make a person look their best. Let her take reign. It may be a bit strange seeing yourself look so made up while you're probably in your jeans and a tee, so if you're a bride, wear a white shirt and maybe put some nice earrings on and clip your hair how it will be on your wedding day so you can get a good sense of how it will all come together. Maybe a picture from a magazine would even be a great idea!

I had a wedding this past Saturday, and I was applying lashes on a girl who I don't think ever wore them before and was a bit on the naturalist side. I put the lashes on -they were fantastic. She looked at herself and was a little shocked. She asked around what people thought, and everyone thought they looked great. I said - walk around, look at yourself and wait. I have one girl to do still. If you still feel the same when I'm done, we'll take 'em off.

Sure enough, 10 minutes later she comes back in.."I love 'em." Uh-huh! haha

Now, people always ask about the make-up itself. Some girls have kits from a specific company, some girls have a mish mash and some girls are just plain all over the place. In any case, in my opinion, I think that if a make-up artist has the best from each cosmetic manufacturer, this is best. Yes, I am bias because that's what my kit looks like. I have colours, foundations, blushes and mascaras from different types. They range from Bonnebell to MAC. Not only does this keep my costs low, but I'm taking the best from each line. I think Bonnebell glosses are great for that extra glass shine. I think MAC has fantastic eyeshadows that hold. Sephora's glosses for colours are great and natural and L'Oreal has a great long-lasting foundation, the Infalliable.

Not only is it good for the reasons I mentioned above, but most girls don't really know what make-up to wear or what should go in her day-of kit. This way, if I have real, afforable products, then the girls I work on can just go and buy those products to keep for themselves.

Even with foundation, they'll like the feel with the Infalliable, they'll say, "Oh! I'm a Buff??" Oh yea sister, you're not Classic Ivory. Please stop looking like a ghost! haha

So, you've picked your style, kept it in your price range, acknowledged the kit...After she applies your make-up, you have to decide (whether right away or in a few days when you've made your mind up) if you're going to keep her. Please please PLEASE sign a contract. In that contract figure out the day of wedding, the time she'll show up (around the time of hair is best) HOW MUCH she'll be, and if she's staying for touch-ups, is it by the hour? By person? Travel fees? Contact info and make sure you know her rules. I know I have a 30 day policy of # of people change. So if you say in December for your July wedding "You're doing 5 people" and three days before the wedding you let me know that I'm only doing 2....I have to charge you for not keeping me in the loop. 30 days and your girls should be able to confirm with you whether they're in or out. I feel this is a fair deal. I don't leave you with half your girls undone so the same logic is had in return.

Make sure you grab an invoice in the end. Tipping is only required if she works for a larger company. Usually self-owners like myself don't require tipping...However nice it is. :)

And that, my fellow make-up artist shoppers is that. It's a strange world out there when you're paying something for a service like this. But because you already have so many other services to pay for and research, don't get yourself stuck in something you're not really happy with.

At the end of the day, you have to like your artist. She is going to be apart of your memories in the hours before you wedding, so your personalities have to match - in style and in general likability.

Good luck. SIGN CONTRACTS! :)

And at the last resort, kill their reputation if they end up messing with you........ Muhahaha....

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