Monday, April 6, 2009

I Have A Hairdresser!!

Ok, after being asked time and time again, I have finally found someone who can do bridal hair and who is mobile at fantastic prices.

Welcome Natalie Walters, owner of!

I went over today to personally check out Natalie's work. I asked if I could be her guinea pig, and sure enough, we spent hours playing with my hair, adding and taking away extensions to show what YOUR hair can look like, if you book with Natalie, on your wedding day.

The looks we went for were random, but if you have something that you'd like to have, don't spend a fortune. She can copy whatever your look, whatever your style, whatever your type of hair. Here's a few examples of her work. Recognize the model?? :)

Here, I have a "Before and After" for hair extensions. I'm also wearing extensions in a few of the pictures before, but here, you can see a nice length difference.



Contact Natalie today for your trial!
(647) 427-4747

Thursday, March 26, 2009

One More From Laura Fulton's Wedding!

Laura sent me this really cute photo. Thank Mirza from WanderingEye Photography for this one!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Semi-Permanent Lashes...At Home??

So, I've taken up an experiment. I found a box for applying semi-permanent lashes...At home!

I decided to use my sister Nikki as my guinea pig. I applied the lashes, one by one to her natural lashes. They're supposed to last up to 3 weeks, so, today is the first day. A kit is around $20 at a Pharmaplus, but this kit was so hard to find, and I haven't found it since. I figure, if this looks promising, I will offer it as one of my services! Great for not only the wedding, but the honeymoon too!

Also, I didn't want to fill it up too much..I was scared of making her look funny on my first try! I think there's a difference, and I think it looks quite good!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Laura Fulton's Wedding

Since I was getting on the blogging horse, I thought I would post a wedding I had done this past fall from Mirza at Wandering Eye Photography. Good work on his part. Laura's bridesmaids and Laura made my job too easy - all of them gorgeous women.

Thought I'd post a few. When I update the pictures on my actual website, I'll be sure to include some of Laura's wedding!

Where Have I Been?

So, I've seemed to have fallen off the face of the planet. It's not that I'm not preparing myself for another season of weddings and boudoir, as both, for every day passing, is getting stronger and more frequent. I suppose with the lull of winter, it's easy to get a little lazy.

I wanted to let you guys know that not only am I still around and still making bookings for Spring and Summer 2009, but the other activities I'm up to.

Boudoir - March 14th and June 21st there is one booking left. The other days have filled up! For more information, head over to and hit up Jessica's blog.

Weddings - Still booking up. I have March filled to the brim, April is mainly unbooked, May I have 2 weddings and June is also becoming a filler month. *NOTE* I do not plan on doing any weddings from the 8th of August until Labour Day weekend. This is due to travel and I thought I'd let you know beforehand.

BeautyCrime - A new and exciting venture for me. We are in the process of filming for beauty crime. I write a lot of the articles pertaining to beauty tips, with more to come. Visit for more. We are also filming application of make-up so that, when at home, you can learn from an online video to do it yourself! The website hasn't launched yet, but I'll be making people aware of when it does. For now, it's just some text, but we're hoping for a full on launch by May.

Cosmetek - For those of you who know me, I am a co-founder of a company, Cosmetek. Currently in the works, we are located in one location for trial only at Hwy 7 and Hwy 400 Wal-Mart in the L'Oreal wall. Tres fabulous. We should know more information, coming soon. It's a skin scanner which tells you what skin colour products are right for you. Easy shopping in one two three. I've attached a video!

Mosaic Sales Solutions - You can catch me at various Pharmaplus locations across the GTA until the 14th of March, talking about Olay Pro-X skin care regimen (highly recommended for the wrinkles), Perfect 10 hair colour (low ammonia, only 10 minutes to dye and strengthen hair!) and Covergirl Trublend Make-up....wasn't much of a CG fan before, but I'm actually quite happy with this line.

Last but not least,

Motives - I'm picking up a new case, and distributing Motives cosmetics. I saw the products today before choosing them over my current case, and I'm happy to say there's some great quality there. You can order from me at your trial, or if you know what you want, email me at and I'll place the order for you asap. Also, if anyone uses Motives, give me a shout...I'm interested in feedback. Go to to see what you may be missing!

Anyway, good to see I'm back here again!



Monday, November 17, 2008

Tosin's Wedding!

It has been forever since I've posted anything on my blog, here, but I've been busy with weddings, boudoir, and lift in general!

The following are pictures of a wedding I did back in October! I was only able to grab some photos of the bride.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Make-Up Junkie!

I have fabulous news! I am going to be a contributing writer to! I have already written out my first two postings, and it should be up tonight! I have my bio up, and I always read what Joy's up to. Love love love it!

So please, feel free to check me out.

I was in Stoney Creek this past weekend doing the wedding of Kristina Jazvac. I hope to have pictures coming soon! I also plan to have my website updated with better pictures also. They'll be newer.