Friday, July 18, 2008

Business On The Rise...

Well, I've been out of the country for the past week, only to leave again today for Montreal on personal, and I have been getting many enquiries about trials and my work!

I'm really excited to really get things moving, as I've waited a long time to pick up.

I'm surprised at the amount of fall and winter weddings coming in! I assumed the spring was the intense wedding time, but happy to know that people do prefer their wedding at all different types of the year!

Anyway, back out to Montreal. E-Mail is where you'll find me fast!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Weddings

This summer has been crazy with weddings. I had Carrie's and then Jayne's. Before that was Tina's and now I'm waiting on Monica's to come around in September and a booking is on the horizon for late August as well.

Boudoirs for me come in waves. It'll be busy busy busy, and then as Jessica Blaine Smith is doing her own weddings, it slows right down.

I love summertime weddings. I hope the fall and winter brings in some good business as well, as those type of weddings can be as equally as elegant.

My New Website

I finally did it. I finally made a website for my make-up. For years now, I've been doing make-up for friends and family, and as my business starts to grow outside of my personal circle, I am happy to provide great services to people on their wedding day and boudoir, but now I have a professional-looking site to fit my style.

Thank you, to Bruno Vicente and the boys at for making my vision come through. Awesome work!