Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Heart Bio-Oil

I am a realist. I have worked in cosmetics and seen products come and go. Some work, most....Don't. I have seen advertisements go up, and money be spent on displays and booklets and commericals go on and on about the "New and Improved" this and that. I don't believe any of it, because frankly, I don't think there's really too much to improve.

But then....There was Bio-oil. I bought it in line at Wal-Mart for 11 bucks a month ago, and it's been sitting on my make-up counter for weeks, untouched. 'What am I going to do with a tub of oil?' I would think to myself, as I felt guilty about purchasing it in the first place.

And then my moisturizer ran out last week. I was sad. It was expensive, but it was good. Nothing special, but good. I was dehydrated after my shower. My skin was thirsty. I was stuck. And then...I decided to give my little bottle a chance. I used Bio-oil as my moisturizer. I am in love.

My old pimple scars have faded. I had a mark I attempted to pop (and failed) and I had cut myself. I don't even see a scar today. It has healed. It is gone. My eyes are light and fresh, I don't even wear concealer anymore and I wear make-up on my eyes every day. And it's an oil. As I touch my baby-butt smooth skin, I am not oily. I am supple. And at this rate, I'll look like this forever - wrinkle and aged free.

I have another skin product that has very little exposure I'd like to write about next...But today, I dedicate my entire post to...BIO-OIL!

Check it out!


Helen said...

Time for me to go and try Bio-OIl after your very tempting invitation!

Megan Pais said...

hahaha well, it's def worth a try! I know I love it!