Monday, March 16, 2009

Semi-Permanent Lashes...At Home??

So, I've taken up an experiment. I found a box for applying semi-permanent lashes...At home!

I decided to use my sister Nikki as my guinea pig. I applied the lashes, one by one to her natural lashes. They're supposed to last up to 3 weeks, so, today is the first day. A kit is around $20 at a Pharmaplus, but this kit was so hard to find, and I haven't found it since. I figure, if this looks promising, I will offer it as one of my services! Great for not only the wedding, but the honeymoon too!

Also, I didn't want to fill it up too much..I was scared of making her look funny on my first try! I think there's a difference, and I think it looks quite good!!


Leslie said...

Looks great!!

Semi-permanent said...

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Megan Pais said...

I would never know that. There you go!

john said...

Wow talk about a blast from memory lane! I remember you and your sis (i was in her class) back in bellmere a long time ago!
It's awesome to see you're doing good. Say hi to Nikki for me.